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Save lot of time using baked-in countless integrations, API Routes, and components to send emails, setup blogs, login users, protect routes, track user events, accept payments worldwide, let user upload files, capture waitlists, start supporting customers and more ✨

User Authentication Methods
Google OAuth 2.0 Google OAuth 2.0 Integrate Google OAuth 2.0 for secure user authentication, leveraging Google's robust identity services.
Facebook OAuth 2.0 Facebook OAuth 2.0 Enable secure user authentication with Facebook OAuth 2.0, ensuring seamless integration with Facebook's authentication framework.
GitHub OAuth 2.0 GitHub OAuth 2.0 Authenticate users securely through GitHub OAuth 2.0, utilizing GitHub's authentication mechanism to streamline access control.
Email and Password Email and Password Implement straightforward email and password authentication, built on standard web APIs for reliable user login.
Admin Functionality Admin Functionality Secure administrative access with customizable header-based authentication, providing exclusive control over critical operations.
Email Verification Flow Email Verification Flow Automate email verification to enhance account security, validating user credentials and preventing unauthorized access.
Forgot Password Flow Forgot Password Flow Simplify password recovery with an email-based reset process, ensuring user convenience and security.
Protected Routes Protected Routes Ensure secure access to sensitive application areas with getSession helper, reinforcing data protection and user privacy.
Accepting Payments
Lemon Squeezy Lemon Squeezy Integrated with Lemon Squeezy webhooks for streamlined post-payment process setup, saving time and effort.
Stripe Stripe Integrated with Stripe webhooks for efficient post-payment process setup, ensuring seamless transaction handling.
In-Built Checkout Components In-Built Checkout Components Includes pre-built Checkout components for Stripe and Lemon Squeezy, enabling instant integration to start accepting payments effortlessly.
Deployment Platforms
Vercel Vercel Deploy to Vercel with pre-configured required setup.
Netlify Netlify Deploy to Netlify with pre-configured required setup. Deploy to with pre-configured required setup.
AWS Amplify AWS Amplify Deploy to AWS Amplify with pre-configured required setup.
Render Render Deploy to Render with pre-configured required setup.
Any Node.js Deployment Platform Any Node.js Deployment Platform Astro, Next.js and SvelteKit Starter Kits also output a Node.js server that can be deployed everywhere, literally!
Bring your own Database (BYOD)
MongoDB MongoDB Store and manage your data easily with MongoDB.
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Utilize PostgreSQL, with providers like Neon, Xata, Supabase, etc. for robust database management.
Redis Redis Use Redis, with providers like Upstash, DragonFlyDB, Amazon DynamoDB, etc. for fast, in-memory data storage.
SQLite SQLite Use SQLite with cloud providers like Turso, SQLite Cloud, etc. for easy and efficient database management.
File(s) and Document(s) Storage
AWS S3 AWS S3 Leverage AWS S3 for seamless file storage with unmatched scalability and affordability.
Cloudflare R2 Cloudflare R2 Experience hassle-free file storage with Cloudflare R2, designed for simplicity and low cost.
Firebase Firebase Store files efficiently and economically with Firebase, your all-in-one backend solution.
Supabase Supabase Effortlessly store and manage your files with Supabase, offering simplicity and cost-effectiveness.
In-Built GET and POST API Routes In-Built GET and POST API Routes Easily save and retrieve files with our pre-configured GET and POST API routes, enhancing your workflow.
In-Built Upload Component In-Built Upload Component Streamline file uploads for your users with our integrated upload component, saving you development time.
Sending Emails
Nodemailer Nodemailer Utilize Nodemailer's powerful API for streamlined email delivery.
SMTP2Go SMTP2Go Seamlessly integrated SMTP2Go for efficient email delivery.
Resend Resend Integrated with for scalable transactional email.
In-Built GET and POST API Routes In-Built GET and POST API Routes Pre-configured API routes for instant email sending with the listed providers, saving you development time.
Social Media Bots
Telegram Telegram Integrated with Telegram's Grammy SDK for powerful messaging capabilities.
In-Built POST API Routes In-Built POST API Routes Pre-configured API routes for instant message automation via Telegram Bot, saving you development time.
Measuring Analytics
Wide Angle Analytics Wide Angle Analytics Pre-configured with Wide Angle Analytics, tailored for small to medium businesses and media agencies, hosted on EU cloud solutions for data security.
Pirsch Analytics Pirsch Analytics Pre-configured with Pirsch Analytics, a simple analytics platforms, including a free plan.
PostHog Analytics PostHog Analytics Pre-configured with PostHog Analytics, offering unique features like user session replay and powerful data insights.
Google Analytics Google Analytics Pre-configured with Google Analytics, a well-established provider offering comprehensive data insights and robust reporting capabilities.
In-Built HTML-First Components
Crisp Customer Support Crisp Customer Support Customer Support at fingertips with Crisp component.
Clipboard Utility Clipboard Utility Legacy and Modern functions to copy Text to Clipboard.
Capturing Waitlist Capturing Waitlist A component built just to capture leads with API setup.
Cross-Platform Testimonials Cross-Platform Testimonials Testimonials component that go beyond just Twitter to embed platforms like Reddit, Product Hunt with 0 CLS.
Prefetching for Instant Transitions Prefetching for Instant Transitions A Prefetching component to load the page behind the scenes for app like navigation.
Beautiful Footer Beautiful Footer A footer just like at the bottom of this page!
Google Fonts Google Fonts A component to enable Google Font on your website in a second.
Divider / Seperator Divider / Seperator Drawing dividers has never been so easier before.
And more! And more! Go ahead buy the starter kit already, components are released every week.
Pay once, use forever Astro, Next.js and SvelteKit Starter Kits are each a one-time purchase. You get *all* the good things in a single purchase. Buy the bundle to get all in one!

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User Authentication Methods
Accepting Payments
Deployment Platforms
Bring your own Database (BYOD)
File(s) and Document(s) Storage
Sending Emails
Social Media Bots
Measuring Analytics
In-Built HTML-First Components
Integrations on-demand
And many, many more
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All goodness as above
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Paul Copplestone
Paul Copplestone
amazing domain name 🫡
Ahmad Kiarostami
Ahmad Kiarostami @akiarostami
Thank you! This looks good!
Parul Aditya
Parul Aditya @parul0_0
This is the first one product focusing on the Astro users. A great decision to pick up a niche to differentiate oneself! Congrats for the quick launch.
James Q Quick
James Q Quick
Wow, this is co cool!
Sojin @levelingupeveryday
Hey rishi, its sojin. your boilerplate was helpful. And i really find it saving me a bunch of time and i personally picked up some patterns too. It was such a great experience. please keep doing what you are doing
aFuzzyBear @aFuzzyBear2
Phil Co
Phil Co @phil_co
Looks like the ultimate indie hacker tool @rishi_raj_jain_ 😉
Nathan Lawson
Nathan Lawson
Nice work, Rishi 🤩 Best of luck with it all!
Akash Bhadange
Akash Bhadange @designerdada
Looks really neat. The landing page is conveying the value proposition very clearly! 👌🏼
Amazing template Rishi! I love it. I might checkout Astro sometime cos of this
Ben Holmes
Ben Holmes
🚀 Congrats on the launch!!
Vinicius Moreira
Vinicius Moreira @vmoreira_me
you made an amazing product! and the only one I could find using Astro.
I've spent the past week meticulously reviewing nearly all the SaaS boilerplates in the industry. Just when I was about to settle on one today, I stumbled upon LaunchFast while exploring various forums. I'm thrilled to have found it, especially since the prospect of dealing with the cumbersome and complex aspects of Next.js and React was quite daunting. Although I plan to customize the version I get from you by adding and adjusting a few back-end technologies and others to suit my needs, I still prefer working with Astro.
Lukas Borawski 🤘
Lukas Borawski 🤘 @lukasborawski
Congrats, great deal for so many features!
Yannis 🌟
Yannis 🌟
Respect for this quality work, really the boilerplate is top-notch!
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