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Astro Font ChangeLog

astro-font will automatically optimize your Custom Fonts, Local Fonts, Fonts over any CDN and Google fonts for performance.

astro-font@0.0.77 (latest)


  • introduce per config verbose flag to create less noise in terminals


  • introduce fallbackName per config flag to allow customizing fallback font’s name


  • only use pathe for relativizing the paths to get POSIX like output for font paths (thanks to @florian-lefebvre for suggesting it & @pi0 for making pathe)


  • use pathe instead of relying on node:path to support all environments


  • custom patch duplicate axisIndex:o,axisIndex:o bug of the core fontkit library (thanks to @lukasborawski for reaching out and suggesting the fix)


  • add support for Google Fonts URLs + Any CDN URL that responds back with CSS


  • remove github-slugger as the package dependency


  • allow granular configuration of preloads per font per config
  • hide errors occured during determining write access (for lesser noise in terminals)


  • introduce cssVariable per config optional flag to ship font-family style in a CSS variable
  • make selector per config optional


  • gracefully handles non fallback-font computation scenarios
  • introduce fetch per config flag to decide which set of fonts to be localized
  • files are NOT fetched and localized by default, everything remains as-is to provide a better DX
  • gracefully handles non-caching scenarios
  • got rid of custom .astro_font directory for caching (less things to see/learn)


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