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Integrated Twitter OAuth 2.0 comes with baked-in Twitter OAuth 2.0 APIs to help you authenticate your users using Twitter.

Twitter OAuth 2.0 Authentication method uses Twitter APIs to communicate (all server-side) and creates a cookie with a signed session, ensuring that your user data is secure and only present for the logged in sessions.

Here’s the whole flow:

  • The /api/auth/twitter built-in endpoint creates an authorization URL using Twitter APIs.
  • The users authenticate with their Twitter account.
  • The /api/auth/callback/twitter built-in endpoint takes care of retrieving the user information using Twitter APIs.
  • The user information is then encoded into a cookie and set on the root path making it available on each outgoing request from the session.

With the SignInWithTwitter component, here’s what you just need to do with to authentication users with Twitter:

// File: random.astro

import SignInWithTwitter from '@/components/Sign-In-With-Twitter.astro'

// ...

<SignInWithTwitter />

But you do not even need to do that, as the signin.astro contains all the UI that you need for accepting sign in from your users with all the methods: Google, Twitter and Credentials.

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