LaunchFast Logo LaunchFast and Wide Angle Analytics Collaborate to Enhance Privacy-First Web Analytics

Rishi Raj Jain
Wide Angle Analytics Collaborates With

We are excited to announce a collaboration between and Wide Angle Analytics, bringing privacy-first, compliant web analytics to’s Starter Kits. This partnership aims to provide users with valuable insights into their newly bootstrapped websites without compromising privacy or compliance.

Unlock Insights with Wide Angle Analytics

Wide Angle Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool that offers deep insights into visitor behavior on your website. It is designed for curious marketers and businesses seeking a privacy-first and GDPR-compliant solution [1]. With Wide Angle Analytics, you can easily track pageviews, time on specific pages, custom actions, bounce rate, and more [2].

Say goodbye to cookie banners and ad blockers. Wide Angle Analytics allows you to collect pure insights without any hassle [3]. It does not share data with third parties, ensuring your privacy and compliance with modern regulations [1].

LaunchFast Starter Kits with Wide Angle Analytics

As part of this collaboration, will include Wide Angle Analytics in each of its Starter Kits. This integration will provide users with a seamless experience, allowing them to unlock insights into their websites without any additional setup or configuration.


This collaboration between and Wide Angle Analytics is a significant step forward in providing privacy-first, compliant web analytics to users. By integrating Wide Angle Analytics into’s Starter Kits, we aim to make it easy for independent creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to gain valuable insights into their websites without compromising privacy or compliance.

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